About FEN

What is FEN?

We are a group of highly motivated and experienced emergency nurses striving to improve patient care. We aim to do this by providing world class educational opportunities for our membership which covers the UK, Ireland and further afield. Whilst progressing along your respective career pathway, FEN can help you grow your professional portfolio of competencies and knowledge which will enhance your emergency nurse role. FEN is with YOU all the way.

The structure of the Faculty is designed to be inclusive and to enable all emergency nurses to contribute to the development of the speciality. FEN is a subscription based organisation that ensures all members can access the range of benefits on offer and play an active part within it.

This website will provide you with a whole range of information which includes our qualification, portfolio advice, news, webinars and much more.  It also hosts our competencies which underpin our qualifications development.

You may wish to look at our FAQ page for answers to specific questions. We would like to build on this, so if your question has not been answered please contact us.