About FEN

What is FEN?

The Faculty of Emergency Nursing (FEN) is a body of nurses committed to ensuring patients who require emergency care receive the highest standards of service.

This is achieved through advancing nursing practice, developing standards of care, advising and guiding emergency service policy and assisting individual nurses to achieve their own potential during their emergency care career.

The Faculty works in collaboration with other organisations to improve emergency care. Many Faculty members are involved in a range of national, regional and local committees, expert working groups, advisory panels and collaborative roles within other professional organisations. This activity is vital to ensure emergency nursing is represented and has a voice at the core of decision making that shapes our profession and the services we provide.

The structure of the Faculty is designed to be inclusive and to enable all emergency nurses to contribute to the development of the speciality. FEN is a subscription based organisation that ensures all members can access the range of benefits on offer and play an active part within it.

Nurses can become involved in the Faculty as an Affiliate or may choose to have their level of practice assessed via the submission of an extended CV. Following this peer review process individuals may then be awarded Associate, Member or Fellow status, entitling them to use the letters AFEN, MFEN or FFEN after their name.

This website will provide you with a whole range of information from; accreditation, how to submit extended CVs, portfolio advice, news, events and much more.  It will also host our core competencies, which are quality standards for emergency nursing, this important career framework can be accessed by anyone looking to develop their own career or support that of their colleagues.