Becoming an accredited FEN Member

Once affiliated you may wish to proceed to become accredited to the Faculty.

Accreditation is a peer review process which facilitates you to identify your current level of practice and to have this accredited by your peers within the Faculty. 

Once accredited, individuals may be awarded either, Associate, Member or Fellow status, entitling them to use the letters AFEN, MFEN or FFEN after their name.

This accreditation is valid for as long as you are a member of FEN and are practicing at that level. Should you change roles, gain in experience or achieve promotion, you will be able to reassess your level of practice using the practice descriptors. Re-accreditation will again be one of the benefits included in your current subscription.

Following accreditation you have the opportunity to develop your professional portfolio to demonstrate achievement of the core and specific clinical competencies set out in the concentric model of practice. The professional portfolio will meet the requirements of the NMC and should enable the member to demonstrate their level of practice to their employer in line with the Agenda for Change Knowledge and Skills Framework. It will also help with job applications and the planning of personal professional development.