Section 4: Managing Self and Others

Section 4: Managing Self and Others

Code Title Core Competency Statement Core Learning Outcome
4.1.1 Reflective practice Apply a reflective approach to delivering care and analyse your own practice Apply a reflective framework to your own practice, identifying strengths and weakness in care delivery
4.2.1 Portfolio Reflect on your care delivery, developing a progressive portfolio of evidence of your professional practice Record your progressive practice in a professional portfolio of evidence
4.3.1 Personal development Negotiate and work with a mentor to develop a personal development plan, determining an action plan for achievement Record a personal development plan and action plan to meet set targets, showing progressive achievement
4.4.1 Education and preceptorship Undertake a preceptorship programme/period in the emergency care environment Use appropriate teaching and learning principles to develop your own knowledge and skill in the emergency environment, and support other junior staff
4.5.1 Mentorship Provide support to junior members of the team and actively encourage their development Apply the principles of mentorship in your own professional practice
4.6.1 Coping Identify the potential impact of working in emergency care settings on your own values and emotions, and uses recognised coping strategies to respond appropriately Be self aware about the potential impact of the range of emotions that can be provoked in the emergency environment. Demonstrate best practice & professionalism in response to the wide range of emotions provoked in the emergency environment
4.7.1 Stress Identifies ways to reduce the effects of stress on yourself and others in the team Develop coping strategies to manage stress in yourself and others, showing an ability to provide supporting mechanisms to prevent and alleviate stress in others
4.8.1 Organisation Use appropriate organisational techniques to plan and organise own workload Demonstrate the ability to plan and organise own workload effectively
4.9.1 Leadership and development Use the principles of leadership to negotiate and plan your own practice Demonstrate an ability to use the principles of leadership in negotiating your own practice

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