Section 4: Managing self and others

Section 4: Managing self and others

Code Title Core Competency Statement Core Learning Outcome
4.1.1 Reflective practice Be proficient in reflecting in and on your practice Demonstrates proficiency in reflecting in practice and on practice
4.2.1 Portfolio Reflect on your care delivery, developing a progressive portfolio of evidence of your professional practice that depicts proficiency in emergency care Record your progressive practice in a professional portfolio of evidence that Demonstrates proficiency in emergency care
4.3.1 Personal development Develop and maintain your personal development plan and effectively manage your own professional development Be proficient in developing a personal development plan, and progressively record your professional development
4.4.1 Education and preceptorship Participate in education programmes providing preceptorship, mentoring and supervision for other staff Demonstrate proficiency in helping to develop others, both in formal education and during clinical supervision
4.5.1 Mentorship Be proficient in mentoring others, designing or evaluating a personal development plan for them and helping them to achieve an established action plan Demonstrate proficiency in mentoring others in developing and evaluating their personal development plan and achieving its targets
4.5.2 Mentorship Be proficient in assessing and providing feedback in the form of written evidence for practice portfolios when determining competence for other emergency nurses Demonstrate proficiency in providing written portfolio evidence for others to determine their competence level for membership of the Faculty of Emergency Nursing
4.6.1 Coping Be responsive to your own needs and others’ in dealing with competing demands in a rapidly changing environment. Demonstrate effective coping skills in responding to these competing demands Demonstrate responsiveness to your needs and others’ in dealing with competing demands in a rapidly changing environment
4.7.1 Stress Apply best practice in identifying and managing the effects of stress on yourself and others. Demonstrates proficiency in managing your own stress. Assist in managing stress in the workplace Be skilled in managing work-related stress in yourself and in managing conflict. Monitor and evaluate working practices to identify stressful situations early and intervene appropriately
4.7.2 Stress Be proficient in managing conflict and providing constructive criticism to resolve it Demonstrate proficiency in managing conflict and show the ability to provide constructive feedback in resolving it
4.7.3 Stress Assist others to develop consistent, calm, professional behaviour in response to the emotional challenges of emergency care Demonstrate proficiency in providing effective preceptorship or mentorship to support others in a stressful environment and support the provision and monitoring of a supportive emergency environment
4.8.1 Organisation Deploy effective organisational skills in organising own and others’ work Demonstrate proficiency in organising own and others’ work
4.9.1 Leadership and development Integrate the principles of leadership and negotiation into your practice, to directly influence patient care, your own and others’ development Demonstrate proficiency in applying a range of leadership and negotiation skills to influence patient care, your own and others’ development

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