Joining Fen

How to become part of the Faculty of Emergency Nursing

Affiliate Membership:

Affiliate membership is the first part of the process to becoming an accredited FEN member.

The benefits of membership:

Once you join FEN you receive:

  • Access to education sessions and webinars:
  • Collaborate with peers via an international emergency nursing mailing list
  • Guidance on how to develop your professional portfolio using the FEN core and specific competencies.
  • Very soon you will be able to submit your clinical portfolio for a qualification with credits from an awarding body and mapped against the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). So you will gain credits for your knowledge and practice.

How to become an affiliate:

Affiliate Membership is open to any nurse registrant working within an emergency care environment or with an interest in emergency care. 

Affiliate Membership: FEN offers two types of membership: Individual Membership and Corporate Membership
Individual Membership: The cost of membership is either £3.50 per month (£42 per annum) or discounted annual membership at £36. Click here to join.
Corporate Membership: We now offer an annual corporate membership at discounted rates: 2 to 19 members @ £36 per member; 20 to 49 members @ 33.60 per member and 50 or more members@ £31.50 per member. Contact for further details.

The next step - full accreditation