Writing a Supporting Peer Review Statement

Thank you for agreeing to examine the information in this applicant’s FEN Extended CV.

  1. To be eligible to verify the content of the Extended CV you will need to be:
    • Regularly working with the applicant for both associate and member level. In the case of Fellow level you must be in close contact with the applicant and
    • Preferably senior to the applicant either managerially or professionally in terms of your expertise
    • Be practicing at a level equal or preferably above that of the applicant when compared to the FEN Practice Descriptors. You do not have to be a FEN member to be eligible to provide a peer statement although FEN members are well placed to review the CV having personally gone through the process.
  2. Read the applicant’s Extended CV and provide both a verification statement and signature if you agree the applicant has fulfilled the following:
    • The statements the applicant makes are a true and accurate reflection of their skills and abilities
    • The applicant holds a current Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) registration
  3. Read the applicant’s Extended CV and write a statement, of no more than 500 words, that clearly verifies that:
    • You work with the applicant (in what capacity)
    • Their submission is accurate
    • Their statements are current
  4. If you are not familiar with any aspect of the applicants work please ask them to supply you with evidence e.g. evaluations from student’s they have mentored, certificates of achievement ALS, TNCC or testimonials from colleagues.
  5. If, in your judgment, the extended CV does not represent the applicant’s current level of skills and abilities, please explain this to them. It may be that the applicant has included insufficient information, in which case you may be able to suggest other aspects of work where they are performing at the required level. Alternatively, it may be because they have misjudged their level of practice in relation to the FEN Practice Descriptors. In this case you could advise them to apply for a different level.
  6. Once you have completed your assessment return your peer statement to the applicant so that it can be submitted to FEN for possible accreditation of Individual Founding Membership.

The peer review statement is a valuable part of the FEN accreditation process and your involvement is much appreciated by the FEN Board.