About Us

We are a group of highly motivated and experienced emergency nurses striving to improve patient care. We aim to do this by providing world class educational opportunities for our subscribers which covers the UK, Ireland and further afield. Whilst progressing along your respective career pathway, FEN can help you grow your professional portfolio of competencies and knowledge which will enhance your emergency nurse role. FEN is with YOU all the way.

The structure of the Faculty is designed to be inclusive and to enable all emergency nurses to contribute to the development of the speciality. Purchasing our Education Bundle provides the range of benefits on offer. We understand that money is tight for both individuals and organisations, so we strive to keep our costs as low as possible whilst at the same time ensuring that the quality we deliver if first class.  

As an organisation we are registered as a Not-for-Profit Company and also as an Approved Learning Society and Professional Body, which means that the Emergency Nurses can claim tax relief (same as on uniforms and shoes) on the cost of our Education Bundle and Qualifications and can back date these to 6th April 2022. 

This website provides a whole range of information which includes our qualification, portfolio advice, webinars and much more.  It also hosts our competencies which underpin our qualifications development.

What we offer

We provide online educational programmes to support Emergency Nurses develop in their role. All our webinars provide a CPD certificate generated on completion of the webinar feedback form.

Our Education Bundle provides Emergency Nurses with our three education programmes that can be used for Continual Professional Development (CPD) plus they underpin our qualification: Clinical (formerly AFEN) programme, Leader (formerly MFEN) Programme and Fellow Programmes Each programme delivers 10 live webinars annually. These webinars are recorded and made available for viewing 24/7. Our Assessors programme is OPEN ACCESS and FREE, providing live and recorded webinars. 

Our webinars are delivered by Experts in Emergency Care, who are still working on the front line, as well as well renown speakers. We have over 160 webinars available on catch-up. All of the webinar evaluations are scoring really highly on Satisfaction and Applicability to practice with an average of 4.7/5, mode of 5/5 and median 5/5. 

We provide a CPDme e-portfolio (worth £24.99 per year) which enables the Emergency Nurse to capture their CPD evidence and create a personalised, specialised clinical / educational portfolio to demonstrate ongoing professional development in Emergency Nursing, enable accreditation of an academic qualification and for those working in the UK can capture evidence for NMC revalidation.

We provide Emergency Nurses an opportunity to work at an International level by joining our FEN Board, Education Board, Competency Board or our Lecturer Faculty. 

FEN have three levels of competencies : 

  • Enhanced Level (formerly Associate Level).  For this level we provide our Clinical Programme and offer our qualification: Agored Cymru Level 6 Diploma in Emergency Nursing which provides 120 credits. This is equivalent to an Honours Degree Level which in Scotland is set at Level 10 and in Ireland at Level 8. Emergency Nurses wishing to gain this qualification can register here

  • Advanced Level (formerly our Member level) which is supported by our Clinical Programme, Leader Programme and our Assessor Programme.  Available soon will be our Agored Cymru Level 7 Diploma in Emergency Nursing. Masters Programmes are at level 7 in England, northern Ireland and Wales, Level 11 in Scotland and Level 9 in Ireland. 

  • Expert or Fellow Level which is supported by our Fellow Programme. Our Level 8 (equivalent Level 12 Scotland and Level 10 in Ireland) will be under development soon. 

Our vocational qualification1 are awarded to Emergency Nurses for the evidence that they developed in practice in their workplace. Our Education Bundle provides the underpinning education for our qualifications. Our qualifications are regulated and accredited. Our Awarding Body for the qualifications is Agored Cymru and are regulated by Ofqual and Regulations Wales. Our qualifications can be mapped to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and cross European boundaries [Qualifications can cross boundaries: Guide to comparing qualifications in the UK and Ireland (qaa.ac.uk)].  For those outside of Ireland and the UK wishing to undertake the qualification, please contact us to determine if this is possible.

 FEN is registered with Companies House as a not for profit company.

1Please note that there is a registration fee and an extra cost for the qualification.tax