About Us

We are a group of highly motivated and experienced emergency nurses striving to improve patient care. We aim to do this by providing world class educational opportunities for our membership which covers the UK, Ireland and further afield. Whilst progressing along your respective career pathway, FEN can help you grow your professional portfolio of competencies and knowledge which will enhance your emergency nurse role. FEN is with YOU all the way.

The structure of the Faculty is designed to be inclusive and to enable all emergency nurses to contribute to the development of the speciality. FEN is a subscription based organisation that ensures all members can access the range of benefits on offer and play an active part within it. FEN is registered with Companies House as a not for profit company.

This website will provide you with a whole range of information which includes our qualification, portfolio advice, news, webinars and much more.  It also hosts our competencies which underpin our qualifications development.

What we can offer

We provide online educational programmes to support Emergency Nurses develop in their role. All our webinars provide a CPD certificate generated on completion of the webinar feedback form.

Our Assessors programme is FREE with open access to live webinars via Zoom and all previous recordings available to watch on catch-up.

Our Monthly Webinar programme is FREE with open access to webinars via Zoom with some of the previous recordings available to watch on catch-up and remaining webinars available to members only.

Our AFEN & MFEN programmes consists of weekly online webinars in Emergency Nursing.

All our memberships include a CPDme e-portfolio which enables the Emergency Nurse to capture their CPD evidence and create a personalised, specialised clinical / educational portfolio to demonstrate ongoing professional development in Emergency Nursing and enable accreditation of an academic qualification.

FEN have three levels of competencies : Associate level (AFEN) – Member (MFEN) and Fellow level (FFEN) which are freely available on our site. Please note only members can view and access our accredited qualification units that detail the learning outcomes and assessment criteria requirements.

We offer a qualification1 that is awarded to emergency nurses for the evidence that is developed in practice and on reflections. Our qualifications, which are only available to members, are accredited with Agored Cymru and can be mapped to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) crosses European boundaries [Qualifications can cross boundaries: Guide to comparing qualifications in the UK and Ireland (qaa.ac.uk)]. We are working to complete qualifications at member and fellow levels. For those outside of Ireland and the UK wishing to undertake the qualification, please contact us to determine if this is possible.

1please note that there is an extra cost for the qualification