FEN Member Level (MFEN)

The MFEN Qualification: Agored Cymru Level 7 Diploma in Emergency Nursing (Member) Level of Faculty of Emergency Nursing is currently under development from our original MFEN competencies and learning outcomes. We anticipate that the qualification will be available in Spring 2022.

Nine discreet units are being developed for the MFEN qualification: Core Unit, Adult and Older Person, Child and Young Person, Psychological Care, Injuries: Non-limb and Non-life threatening, Major Trauma, Major Incident and Pre-Hospital Care.

Each unit has been developed on a framework with three elements:

    1. Knowledge & Understanding – applicants must show what they know and understand

    2. Intervention – applicants must show what they can do

    3. Patient management – applicants must show how they can apply their knowledge and skills to patient care

The Core Unit also includes a section on the Management of self and others – applicants must show how they manage their own workload and manage their relationships other staff


MFEN Original Competencies