FEN Leader Level (formerly MFEN)

The Leader level is aimed at those working at an enhanced level of practice who wish to progress to or consolidate working at an advanced level of practice i.e. those aspiring to become or working at Sister/Charge Nurses/CNM 1 or 11. The programmes supporting this development include the Clinical Programme, assessor programme and the Leader Programme.  All of these programmes has now been delivered and their recordings are available on our website. We offer a monthly live webinar for each of these three programmes excluding Christmas/New Year period and August.

The Leader Qualification: Agored Cymru Level 7 Diploma in Emergency Nursing (FEN) Level  is currently under development from our original MFEN competencies. We anticipate that the qualification will be available in Spring 2024.

Discreet units are being developed for the qualification. It is anticipated that the qualification will be available by summer 2024: Core Unit, Adult and Older Person, Child and Young Person, Psychological Care and Injuries. Major Trauma and Major Incident Units will be available separately. 

The Core Unit includes sections on Leadership, Education and Management of self and others.

updated 12/12/2023

MFEN Original Competencies