Corporate Education Bundle @ £72 per person for 2 years access

FEN are delighted to be able to offer a Corporate Education Bundle. The Education Bundle provides Registered Nurses working in Emergency Care Settings an excellent opportunity to have online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) delivered by expert emergency nurses working in emergency departments from across the UK and Ireland; as well as an opportunity to network with colleagues from other departments. From evaluations completed by well over 1000 Emergency nurses, (60% staff nurses and 40% band 6, CNM 1 or above) we know that our webinars are relevant to the individuals workplace and good quality with all webinars scoring an average of 4.7/5 or more, with their modes and medians both at 5/5.

Our Education Bundles are currently for Registered Nurses only, we may be in a position to consider Education Bundles for other members of the nursing workforce at some point in the future.

The CPD is offered as three programmes – our Clinical Programme, our Leader Programme and most recently our Fellow (Expert) Programme. The education bundle provides access to all three programmes.

Our education sessions are delivered as virtual live webinars via Zoom. These webinars are recorded so Emergency Nurses can watch them any time 24/7 and as many times as they wish.

Our Clinical Programme provides not only CPD required to work in the workplace but also provides the educational underpinning for our Regulated, Accredited Agored Cymru Level 6 Diploma in Emergency Nursing (120 credits = hons degree equiv) and the clinical component required for our Leader Programme. Our Leader programme, together with the Clinical Programme and Assessors Programme provides the CPD for Emergency Nurses who take charge of emergency departments or are aspiring to do so. The Leader Programme provides the educational underpinning for our Level 7 Diploma in Emergency Nursing which is anticipated to be available in Summer 2024. Our qualifications are available at an extra cost and are not part of the Education Bundle.

Our Assessors’ Programme and Package supports Emergency Nurses who assess others. The Programme is open access and bespoke for those working in emergency care settings and includes:

– virtual monthly webinars for assessors’ development, networking and supportive sessions which give assessors an opportunity to discuss ‘claims,
concerns and issues’.

– recorded webinars on how to assess clinical portfolios, including written work such as case reviews and how to assess using our Assessment Proformas.

– range of freely available Assessment Proformas (Mini-cex, DOPS, ESLE) – some of which have guides on how to use (webinars and written)

– facilitate networking and assessor development at a monthly Zoom get together to discuss ‘claims, concerns and issues’.

If you are interested in our FEN Education Bundle but want to find out more before you buy, then please get in touch – we are always delighted to meet, provide a presentation to give more information and answer any and all of your questions – please complete the following: 

The start date for our Education Bundle starts on the day that we receive payment, with the renewal date two years later. Education Bundles are non-refundable and non-transferable.

To purchase an Education Bundle, please complete submit the online order form below. This form can also be used to purchase renewal or additional Education Bundles too.  The cost of the education bundle is £72 per person for two years access to all live and recorded webinars, as well as other resources.

On receipt of this order form we will contact you with invoice quote to confirm. We advise that purchasers raise a PO number that the finance departments can use to link the purchase.  We can then forward our BACS payment details for your procurement team.

All Emergency Nurses, individual and corporate, use the same registration to provide us with their personal details. We ask Departments/Units to provide an spreadsheet of the Registered Nurses names and emails for whom an education package has been bought. When payment is received, we email an unique access code (aka coupon code) to the individual Emergency Nurse with instructions on how to register for FEN and CPDme and how to use the education bundle.

If there are any queries relating to our corporate education bundle then emails can be sent to please allow a few days for response as our officers are volunteers and also work emergency care settings.                            [updated 27/01/24 JM]

Upon receiving this form we will be in contact via email to confirm your request or enquiry. If applicable, we will send you an invoice. We do find that there are normally delays in the invoice being paid and ask that you chase payment being made so that your nurses can access their education bundle as soon as possible.
Please note that currently we only provide education bundles for Registered Nurses. We may be in a position to consider education bundles for others in the nursing workforce at some point in the future. You will also be asked to submit a spreadsheet of funded nurses names and emails to our team. once payment is received we will forward your Emergency Nurses their unique corporate code which they should use as a coupon at the checkout when registering to access their Education Bundle. .
Does your finance department require a purchase order to be included on invoices? PLEASE NOTE THAT EDUCATION BUNDLES START FOR ALL NURSES ON THE DATE WE RECEIVE PAYMENT.
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