Registered Nurses, with NMC or NMBI, who are working in the emergency care setting can now register to gain academic credits with FEN. On offer are: 

  1. One of eight single units that make up our qualification – the 20-credit child unit is available provided that the individual accredits for the Adult and Older Person Unit before or at the same time and the 20 credit child unit OR 
  2. our Agored Cymru Level 6 Diploma in Emergency Nursing (Faculty of Emergency Nursing)  which provides 120 credits – the equivalent of a full honours degree.  

    For the qualification nine discreet units are offered, the learner must choose a 60-credit age related unit, complete the two compulsory units; core and psychological care and chooses of the other five units on offer.  

     Each of the unit comprises of three sections: 
  1. Knowledge – Emergency Nurses must show what they know 
  2. Intervention –  Emergency Nurses must show what they can do 
  3. Patient management –  Emergency Nurses must show how they can apply their knowledge and skills to patient care 

    The Core Section has an additional section;  
  4. Management of self and others –  Emergency Nurses must show how they manage their own workload and manage their relationships other staff 

    Each of the units has detailed learning outcomes and assessment criteria. To successfully complete any single unit, all the Assessment Criteria have to be met i.e. 100%. In this type of work-based learning qualification, learners are asked to produce more evidence to demonstrate the assessment criteria rather than failing a unit. There is however a Confirmatory Assessment which is a virtual invigilated problem-based learning scenario of one patient case that the learner will need to successfully complete before being accredited for each unit.  

FEN’s Clinical Programme (formerly AFEN) Curriculum has been designed to provide the educational underpinning for all units that make up the qualification. We encourage Emergency Nurses to watch all the webinars included in the clinical programme, so that they have a rounded underpinning knowledge as required by any Emergency Nurse.  We have over 89 recorded webinars on this programme plus wehold a monthly live webinar – 1st Tuesday of the month (except January and August) 19.00 to 21.00.  

On viewing a live or recorded webinar, Emergency Nurses are encouraged to complete an evaluation; from which a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certificate is produced which provides excellent evidence for appraisal reviews, potential evidence for units/qualification as well as NMC revalidation. Some employers are giving Emergency Nurses TOIL (time back in lieu) for watching the webinars on showing their CPD certificate. 

To support Emergency Nurses achieving our units or qualifications, FEN provides a range of assessment proformas (open access) with guides on how they should be used. We also provide a full package of support for workplace assessors.  

Unit/qualification documents are available as part of our Education Bundle which is available at a cost of £36 per year.  

2- Individual Unit Index- Once you have chosen your unit combination document please download the applicable unit index to use as your competency sign off document.  Each unit index should be mapped and populated to your evidence, signed off and submitted with your unit for accreditation.

The unit index must be completed by learner and assessor and submitted with a unit that is being presented to the FEN Internal Quality Assurance Board.  It is recommended that the learner and assessor populate against each of the applicable assessment criteria for the full qualification simultaneously as this will reduce workload.  Consider using previous evidence of learning against the competency indexes, use the assessment proformas and portfolio tools to develop each unit and build your Level 6 (AFEN) competency level portfolio.  There is one index for each unit and these are available to individuals who have access to our Educational Bundle. 

AFEN Index Core Competencies

AFEN Index Adult and Older Person unit

AFEN Index Child and Young Person

AFEN Index Psychological care

AFEN index Injuries non-limb non-life threatening

AFEN Index Major Incident (MAJAX)

AFEN Index Major Trauma

AFEN Index Pre Hospital Care

AFEN Index Child pre-requisite adult and older person

Accreditation Fees – Should one wish to submit a portfolio for accreditation, this will incur an extra cost. Costs are subject to change and are mostly outside FEN’s control as we have to meet conditions set by our awarding body Agored Cymru. As of 15/10/2023, the following apply: 

  1. 120 credits Level 6 Diploma: £1000
  2. 20 credit single Level 6 Unit: £315
  3. 60 credit single Level 6 Unit: £520


There is a non-refundable registration Fee:

  • £62 for the full 120 credit qualification – £60 of which can be deducted from final payment for qualification. 
  • £21 for a single 20 credit or 60 credit unit – £20 of which can be deducted from final payment for qualification. 
Payments for the qualification, for both single units and full qualification, are paid on submission of the unit for accreditation i.e. learners only need to pay a registration fee upfront. 

·    The qualification will provide credits on the Credit & Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW) which is mapped – like other European Countries – to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). To see how qualifications can cross boundaries across the UK and Ireland the following link may be helpful: qccb-web-oct-2019.pdf (


If you have any queries about the Level 6 qualification please contact us or complete the form below

Registration for Level 6 Diploma in Emergency Nursing (FEN) or Single Level 6 Units
Please complete this form to declare an intention to undertake unit(s) or full Level 6 Qualification. It is important that you register for the units/qualification as soon as possible. A registration fee is payable for the qualification. We will not register until payment has been received. Remaining payment for the qualification is required on submission of your evidence for accreditation. By completing this form you are not contracted to complete the unit(s) /qualification. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOUR ORGANISATION PURCHASE AN EDUCATION BUNDLE FOR YOU THAT THE QUALIFICATION AND REGISTRATION FEE IS NOT INCLUDED.
I am completing this form to declare an intention to undertake unit(s) or full AFEN Qualification. I understand that it is important that I register for the units/qualification as soon as possible rather than just prior to submission. I understand that I need to pay a non-refundable deposit to register and that I do not pay for the unit or qualification until I submit it for accreditation. By completing this form I understand that I am not contracted to complete the unit(s) /qualification. PLEASE NOTE: THAT IF YOUR ORGANISATION PURCHASE AN EDUCATION BUNDLE FOR YOU THAT THE QUALIFICATION AND REGISTRATION FEE IS NOT INCLUDED.
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By giving the name, you are confirming that the assessor is an emergency nurse working in your own department. We will make contact with your assessor for internal quality assurance purposes and process.

For the qualification Level 6 Diploma in Emergency Nursing, you must complete the following units: Core Unit, Age Related Unit, Psychological Care Unit PLUS one other unit.

You can complete as many units as you wish
Registration fee is non-refundable.