I am completing this form to declare an intention to undertake unit(s) or full AFEN Qualification. I understand that it is important that I register for the units/qualification as soon as possible rather than just prior to submission. I understand that I need to pay a non-refundable deposit to register and that I do not pay for the unit or qualification until I submit it for accreditation. By completing this form I understand that I am not contracted to complete the unit(s) /qualification.
Please add date of birth as follows day-month-year
You must be a nurse registrant with a PIN to be able to undertake this qualification. please provide your PIN as we will need to check this before we can register you with our Awarding Body
Please note that only members from UK, Ireland or Channel Isles can register for qualifications
give name of department and name of hospital.
By giving the name, you are confirming that the assessor is an emergency nurse working in your own department. We will make contact with your assessor for internal quality assurance purposes and process.

For the qualification Level 6 Diploma in Emergency Nursing, you must complete the following units: Core Unit, Age Related Unit, Psychological Care Unit PLUS one other unit.

You can complete as many units as you wish
Registration fee is non-refundable.